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Technology’s 2 New Wings – 3d Animation and k12 E-Learning

By on October 15, 2018
3D animation Development Company

Every real-world object that we see around has a 3rd dimension and that is the very reason we can rotate it and watch it from different angles. The 3D computer graphics are graphics that use three-dimensional representations of geometric data that is stored in the computer.  3D model is the mathematical representation of any 3D object. There are variously used of 3D such as gaming, printing, visual effects and many more.  All these are interdependent and one thing created for one purpose could be used in another.

The 3 building blocks of 3D animation are modeling, textures and lighting. Modeling is the first step as to create a shape. Secondly, texture to render image a real form and lastly lighting to give it a pleasing real image. An animation is an advanced step but these three are essentials to any 3D.  Various software is present these days in markets which let us create a 3D animation for various purposes. Beginning from small to large there is 3D animation Development Company that offers services for 3D animation. The companies have some real experts in this profession and they are well trained to do their jobs. To require a high-level skill to create a 3D animation. High profits and ever-increasing demand has made this profession a hot selling and some alarming trends have been seen. 3D animated movies are highly in demand among children as well as adults. Avengers, Incredible, Lion King etc are some of the movies that show some high-level skill of these companies that forces us to believe that whatever the viewer is witnessing is almost real.

k12 eLearning companies in India

K12, a term used in education and educational technology in many countries. K stands for, kindergarten and the 1st through the 12th grade. It was founded in 2000 by Ronald j. Packard. The eLearning has been liked strong wind spreading miles through. This has been possible with easy technology availability like mobile phones; tablets etc. k12 eLearning companies in India are also gaining momentum. They are quite useful as well and make the learning process for children more interesting. Through 3D animations and funny ways, they don’t find things to be boring. The government has been supporting such kind of startups in India.

With the fast growth of electronic learning profession, some alarming trends have been seen in the rise of the companies all over the world and India too. There are companies like Technology in EDUCATION, BYJUs, Educomp solutions, Adobe systems etc operating in India. These sorts of companies operate in four broad categories- k12 and play school, coaching and test preparation, higher education, vocational and skill development. One reason behind their success is also that an explosion in video content and visibility of data. Data usage per active user is in the zone of the developed country. Consumer spending is increasing, given the education role in India. This sphere has an almost win-win situation for everyone, easier for learning and earning too.

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