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The Best Travel Water Bottle and Why You Need One!

By on July 19, 2019

A good travel water bottle is a basic necessity for any traveler. It is budget friendly and helpful to the environment compared to single-use and unnecessary plastic waste from bottles. This article will discuss on the benefits of using a travel water bottle. Whether you are backcountry camping or backpacking in countries for some time, you will need to carry a water bottle or a swell water bottle.

There is an endless list of benefits in choosing reusable water bottles for travel priorities. Are you asking for a durable water bottle? One that give cold water and warm tea? Does carrying weight your main priority? Are you computing ounces along the trails? For a fact, there are lots of productive ways to lessen your carbon footprint and plastic waste consumption during traveling. One of the simple and most advisable ways to travel sustainably is to prevent using single-use plastic and bring a reusable water bottle.

Things to Think of Prior to Purchasing a Travel Water Bottle

Today, there are a lot of benefits in using a water bottle. There are unlimited options and vendors to choose from. Below are the popular factors to think of prior to purchasing a travel water bottle.

  1. Water Bottle Material

A lot of reusable water bottles are constructed from stainless steel, plastic or glass. There are water bottle materials like stainless steel bottles, reusable plastic water bottles, glass water bottles and silicone water bottles. The benefits of these are factors to choosing the type of water bottle you can choose.

  1. Water Bottle Weight and Capacity

The factors of weight and capacity is a big reason why you should buy a water bottle for traveling. For a fact, backpackers, hikers, and trekkers desire to have the lightest backpack.

  1. Mouth Opening on a Reusable Water Bottle

Have you experienced spilling water all over yourself during a sudden stop of a car you are riding at? Imagine having a sip of water on the rocky roads of India or Central America. In this lieu, the wider the mouth of a water bottle, the more prone you are to spilling. The mouth should be wide enough to clean quickly and add ice cubes, fruit bits and more.

  1. Water Bottles with Sippers, Straws, Caps, etc.

Having straws and sippers in a water bottle will prevent spilling water all over yourself. Though, it will need to be cleaned more often and asks for constant checking. The straw typed mouth opening in larger water bottles are a top pick among buyers. The usual size of mouth opening for a 750ml and under water bottles is also a basic choice. A lot of water bottles will offer many choices to switch out.

  1. Price for a Travel Water Bottle

Having a reasonable price is an important consideration when purchasing travel-related products. In this lieu, consumers would desire to own a durable and high-quality water bottle. Price will be visible in this, but not always. Even if there is a high price, it does not mean that it is better.

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