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Think About These Companies when you Learn about AI and Cloud Computing

By on June 21, 2019

Today, on average, IT professionals are spending 50% of their time researching about AI and Cloud Computing technologies. The reason is straightforward. 80% of the companies are hiring for skills familiar with AI and Cloud computing technologies.

In this article, you will learn about the top companies that are adopting AI and making a whirlwind advancement in the industry. And, how?

Microsoft: The Race to Leadership Position Gets Hotter

In May 2019, Microsoft signed many agreements with customers and technology partners to boost adoption of Cloud and AI.  The partnership with Sony is worth taking a look. Now, Microsoft’s AI capabilities would drive the performance of your favorite gaming station, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now, and Project xCloud.

At Microsoft, AI researchers are showing why it is important to focus and realign professional goals with AI, machine learning and Cloud computing sciences. Artificial Intelligence Online courses are showcasing the Microsoft way of AI programming in their tutorials.

In the next six months, Microsoft would also work with the General Assembly’s AI Standards Board to create and train AI online course programs with industry-recognized AI skills standards.

Currently, Microsoft AI research teams are developing high-performance technologies for Vision, Object Recognition, Speech Recognition, Language Translation, Blockchain, and Machine Learning to analyze billions of digital and analog signals. These are powering Cloud Search services for Marketing, Sales and Customer Services by helping businesses to build relationships in Content, Social Media, Email Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation and Customer Sentiments.

Intel’s Dash to Improve Cloud Computing Programming Languages

Intel recently announced the launch of a new capability for multi-purpose cloud hypervisor. It’s called rust-vmm, which the company states would provide more security and performance for Cloud Containers in their Cloud native environments.

Additionally, the Cloud Containerization technology from Intel would enable Open source Cloud computing programs to grow their knowledge in Bash, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, and R Programming.

Its announcement on moving its Linux capabilities to Clear Linux distribution – Intel will support the Deep Learning Reference Stack and Data Analytics Reference Stack for powerful AI and Analytics data performance in Intel Xeon processors.

Sumo Logic’s AI and Machine Learning Funding

When a Data-driven company gets funding, it will be used in two ways. Firstly, to grow the data analytics team, and secondly, to build a powerful AI and data analytics platform to attract customers from the current crop of industries that are leveraging Big Data, AI and BI Tools for their various operations. Recently, when Sumo Logic announced their $110 million funding, it was received with a lot of positive reviews.  With  500 employees already and catering to likes of Airbnb, PokemonGo, Hearst Media, Infor and Samsung, Sumo Logic’s foray into Cloud Native and AI apps for website and mobile would further disrupt the start-up and big league industries in the coming months.


Advanced AI companies are leagues ahead of others—and they have a data mining, data analytics and AI team to keep them there. However, for companies that are still starting to build their platforms – it’s a win-win for employers and AI-trained employees.

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