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Top artistically beautiful destinations in Ahmedabad | Test Area

By on January 22, 2018
Ahmedabad near resort

Ahmedabad near resort is dotted with banks of   Sabarmati River. It is the largest city in Gujarat. It is the hub of commerce and trade in the state of Gujarat. Apart from being home to numerous important industries, the city also possesses a number of regal monuments that remind of delightful cultural and historical past of the city.

You can experience so much of pleasure, entertainment, panache and enlightenment in this city of Ahmed Shah and Mahatma Gandhi. There are 5-star hotels in Gujarat to ensure your comfort and ease during your trip. If you want to take a quick glimpse, just walk through the following Top artistically beautiful destinations in Ahmedabad!

Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza is a stunning architectural marvel. The excitement of this spot is surely going to leave you astonished. It has gorgeously curved gates. Teen Darwaza is longest as well as the eldest gateways in Ahmedabad. It was constructed in year 141 A. D. by Sultan Ahmed Shah who is also the maker of this city Ahmedabad

This Teen Darwaza is stretched near the well-recognized Bhadra Fort. It has been extensively carved. All the pillars and walls of Teen Darwaza are stylishly designed. The windows of this mesmerizing monument are semi-circular and decorated with a network. The dominant window indicates the tree of life. You won’t just get inventively curious but astounded too by this unique spot.

Sidi Sayed Masjid

This is a significant mosque in Ahmedabad and has been considered to be one of the oldest masjids in the country. The mosque was built in the year 1573 with marble stones.  Sidi Sayed Jaali is a very popular architecture amidst the visitors. Whoever pays a visit to this religious spot falls in love with its ambiance and artistic charm?

Akshardham temple

This temple is one of the masterpieces of brilliant architecture and is visited by nearly two million people from around the world. This temple is ardent to Lord Swaminarayan who is the father of Swaminarayan faith. The temple was constructed by nearly nine hundred workers and it houses ninety-three pillars. The spot is very spiritual and artistic in its character. The most exclusive fascination of this Akshardham temple is its unique sandstone that stands straight in the absence of an iron rod.

Bhadra Fort

This fort was constructed by Sultan year 1411 during the rule of Martha. This Fort is one of the chief attractions of Ahmedabad. The royal fort encompasses a royal palace, a luxuriously green courtyard, and a Bhadra Kali temple.


The remarkable temple of ISKCON is called Hare Krishna Mandir. The temple fusions the architectural design of great Gujarat Sompura and Rajasthani Khamira. The temple is spotted on a lengthy four-acre land brimming with amazing fountains, gardens, and inspiring flora. Though this temple is devoted to Krishna and Radha, the temple also has idols of numerous other divinities of Hindu mythology. It witnesses a huge footstep of followers, who bung up the premises with stimulating and cleansing chants of Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

So, you can check out Ahmedabad near resort for your stay over and experience a lively and artistic time in this city.

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