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Usefulness and Variety of Hand Tools

By on May 8, 2018
woodworking hand tools

Hand tools help fashion a variety of objects and undertake different operations needed to achieve the same. There are many classes of hand tools. We see them as hammering tools, pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, wrenches, knives, drills, and saws. You also use clamps and vises where needed.

The other segment of tools

Use of automotive tools, carpentry tools, and non-sparking tools open another segment of work that is industry specific. The common methods used include cutting, grinding, and drilling. It is important to have the best tools to remain assured of a long tool life and good accuracy. This helps the worker deliver high-quality workmanship.

The different tools have the capacity of operating on different materials. The speed of the work and efficiency depends on the quality of the tool you choose. You can get the details of these tools from the hand tool manufacturers in India online. Here are some of the automotive tools that one commonly uses.

Automotive tools in common use

Bearing Puller: Using the bearing puller, one can remove the bearing sets. This might be inside a blind bearing hole or a rotating machine shaft. One of the most common uses is the removal of the caged ball set. You can also remove the tapered bearings from the rotating shaft of the car transmission. The different types of pullers include cable pullers, bearing pullers, and cable winches.

Cross Wheel Spanner: We use this tool for tightening and loosening the lug nuts on the wheels of an automobile. They may be L-shaped or X-shaped. One of the common forms in use has an L-shape with a wrench at one end. The other end has prying end that helps remove hubcaps. These lug wrenches are less expensive than torque wrenches because they do not measure the torque while tightening nuts.

Tubular Spanner: These kinds of spanners have a long cylindrical shape and a hole with many sides at the end. These sides help to grip the spindle you need to remove or tighten. The tube has holes in its sides. You can thread a rod through these holes and use the rod to lever your spanner. The two sides have openings of different sizes. You will only need four tubular spanners that cover eight common sizes.

Woodworking tools we use

Among the common tools, we use the carpentry tools are popular. You can see the different woodworking hand tools in India at the website of the supplier. They include Jack Plane, Block Plane, Spoke Shave, Nail Puller, Wrecking Bar, Wood Working Vice, T-Bar Clamp, G-Clamp, Mini G-Clamp, Hand Drill and Breast Drill.

Otherwise called a fore plane, the jack plane is an important woodworking tool. You can dress down the timber to the size needed for trying. You also do this for edge jointing. They are 12-18 inches long and 2.5-3 inches wide. It has a knob in the front and the blade is set at an angle for easy working. The blade is convex so it does not mark the work. The knob helps you move the plane around on the wood piece.

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