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Vidmate Apk Has All Your Favourite Videos

By on April 16, 2019
Vidmate Apk Has All Your Favourite Videos

What is vidmate?

Everyone loves watching their favorite videos but sometimes there is no network available while you are travelling somewhere or on a flight then you do not have access to your favourite videos. The vidmate app helps you to download your favourite videos across a number of sites and watch them later on the offline mode. Thus, the vidmate apk has become very popular for this purpose.

Vidmate Apk Has All Your Favourite Videos

What is Vidmate Apk?

Vidmate Apk is the android version of the vidmate app. It is not available in the official Google store and has to be downloaded from the vidmate website or any other website. Apk stands for the Android application package. The Apk app can be used only on the Android platform.

Is vidmate available for free?

Yes, vidmate is available for free across all platforms like windows, android, iOS and some other versions as well. The vidmate app has a collection of videos from several other media services providing agencies which are otherwise available on paid mode. So now you do not need to pay for the media service providers. You just need to pay for your internet bills.

Does vidmate have a virus?

The official vidmate app does not have any kind of viruses or any other malware. But some people complained that they had a virus in their system after installation of the vidmate app. This is because of the site from which they downloaded the app. It is recommended that you download the app from a trusted website.

Why Google removed vidmate from the google play store?

Google removed the vidmate app from the google play store as Google had some information which showed that the vidmate app will not cause any harm to your device but might leak your security. Google was not ready to take any such risk and removed vidmate from the official google play store.

Is vidmate easy to use?

Yes, vidmate is very easy to use. You need to search for a video of your choice according to the category of the video you want to watch and then you can choose among the search results. You do not have to perform any additional ask as vidmate has an auto-installed feature which searches from all the available options it has. If you want to download any particular video you can do that via the download option provided alongside the video.

Can you download videos from vidmate app be deleted?

Yes, you can delete any video that you have downloaded from the vidmate app. There is no difficulty from that point. The app is quite user-friendly and gives its users a lot of flexibility.

Is there a Facebook page for vidmate?

Yes, vidmate has its own official Facebook page which you can follow and also request certain videos if they are not already present on the app. So, if you cannot find your favourite videos on the app just visit their Facebook page and add a request.

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