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Ways Mobile Technology Adds Value to Business Events in USA

By on May 9, 2019
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Business sectors have been utilizing the technology widely in their business procedures and process. Because the revolution in technology is bringing change into the whole world. There are several products invented by technology for humankind but mobile technology overcomes into every sector of life. It is becoming popular rapidly with the passage of time. According to the international telecommunication union, the number of phone users all over the world is 6.8 billion. Although the total population of the world is 7.3 billion and PhoneCount anticipated about in the near future, the number of mobiles will exceed rather than the total population of the world.  Even PhoneCount announced the mobile day which is known as “Everyone connecting day”. Mobile technology became a major source of communication among peoples. Approximately, there are 94% of peoples has been using the mobile, iPad and laptop technology in the UK.

Mobile Technology Impacts on Different Industries

Through numerous ways, industries are getting enormous benefits with the help of mobile technology. Students are now able to acquire education from all over the world instantly. Educational institutes have taken the immersive steps for giving practical and experimental education to their students. On the other hand, agriculture field got their own prosperous benefits from the use of mobile technology. Now farmer able to get the information about weather reports and mobile technology linked the local farmers to the international markets as well as healthcare industry improved their procedures regarding the health.

Event Industry   

The event industry is growing the industry as a powerful marketing tool for the businesses as well as has become the major source of revenue for companies. For success in business, organizations rely on a successful event. Even in the modern world business survival accompanying event success. In just USA and UK business organizations generated at least $400 billion of dollars from their events, meetings, and conferences. It is a drastically intense reality for businesses event has become the preeminent factor for organizations. But it is an expensive marketing tool rather than the development of a new product. According to the reports, companies spent their 30% of the total budget on their events. The successful event leads your business beyond the limits of success or flop could drag your business deep down.

Technology devises Role

Whether it is a product launch event or business meeting, event and conference attendee engagement makes it successful or flop.  In short audience interaction with an event, organizers have substantial importance. There are numerous ways to make this happen but companies used technology devices for these purposes such as iPad, laptop, mobile technology, and tablet or other related electronic devices. Therefore, most companies preferred to hire the iPad from iPad hire companies rather than buy.    

Laptop rental companies

We are highlighting the points on how event organizers can keep the audience engaged:

  • Integration of Social media
  • Event App

Integration of Social Media

People were seeking the world as the global village where they can communicate and collaborate whenever they want and this dream came true after the invention of mobile technology. Near about, 4 billion people had connected with each other through social media. Anyhow, social media is a powerful and popular tool to keep them audience interacted with event organizer in events and it has been using widely by companies. Which became the reason for enormous and gigantic profit for businesses. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter could be used for direct communication with attendees and these channels gave the opportunity to the event organizers, they can convey their messages to the audience in an effective and productive way. But you need to understand one thing, you must have to provide the iPad, laptop to your audience. For this purpose it is recommended to take the Laptop on rent from Laptop rental companies at a very cheap price and get the expecting results from contenders.

Event App

Event app mulled the audience interaction with organizers. The value of the event app has immense. Event app makes the attendees get the detail about sessions, registration process, and information on the event agenda.

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