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What are the different types of wedding rituals that are held at a Punjabi wedding?

By on January 18, 2019
Punjabi marriage

In India, there are so many different types of religions and each religion have their own rituals. Hindu wedding is the wedding which is very much longer because of the different types of wedding rituals.

Punjabi weddings are full of rituals they are so many rituals that are held before the wedding as well as after the wedding. The rituals that are held before the wedding are known as pre-wedding rituals whereas the rituals that are held after the wedding are known as post-wedding rituals. Some of the different types of Punjabi pre and post wedding rituals are mentioned below with a short description of them:

  • Rokka: The first pre-wedding ritual is rokka, this is a ritual in which both the families announce the fixation of engagement.  Both the bride and groom are given so many things such as money, dresses etc. in this happiness.
  • Mangini: This is a pre-wedding ritual in which both the families give gifts and things to each other families and the bride and groom are given shagun in the happiness of fixation of engagement. This pre-wedding ritual is also known as pre-engagement.
  • Sagai: This is the third pre-wedding ritual that is done at a Punjabi wedding. In this wedding ritual both the bride and groom exchange in rings in order to announce that soon they are going to tie up in a relation of husband and wife. This is the engagement ceremony that is done in a hall or nearby gurudwara.
  • Vatna: This is ritual in which both the bride and groom are applied with the haldi on their face and body. This is a ritual that is held just before the wedding ceremony. In Indian culture, it is believed that haldi is a thing that will help you out in looking fair. This is a ceremony that is done in Hindu and Muslim wedding also.

Punjabi marriage

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  • Mehndi, Sangeet, and Jaggo: These three ceremonies are held together nowadays. In this ceremony, people dance a lot to show their happiness and Mehndi is applied on the bride and groom’s hand. In Punjabi marriages, people say boliyan and collect oil in the pot. These are the pre-wedding rituals of a Punjabi marriage.
  • Viddai: After all this Anand Karaj takes place and the girl is sent to the groom’s house in a well-decorated car. In this Viddai ceremony the bride’s family, friends and relatives cry a lot to show how much they are going to miss her.
  • Swagat: After the bride reaches the groom’s house she is welcomed by her mother-in-law. She puts oil on the corners of the house to welcome the bride. This is the post-wedding ritual that is done after the marriage is completed. A reception party is also given by the groom’s family after the arrival of the bride in the house.

These are different types of rituals that are done in a Punjabi marriage.

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